Culminating Project Information: 13

    Welcome to the Stanwood High School Culminating Project WIKI. On the pages listed below you will find all of the checklists, forms, and other documents needed for your Culminating Project. Please be sure to select the appropriate Graduating class for the correct information.

    Class of 2012
    Class of 2013
    Class of 2014
    Class of 2015

    Best Works:
    For each year of high school, students must select 4 Best Works to represent what they have learned or accomplished that year. They must complete the following coversheet and attach it to the best work in their Portfolio. Please note that you can type into the form fields of this coversheet and print the completed form or simply print the form and hand write the information.
    Download file "best_works.pdf"

    Community Service:

    Students are required to complete at least 15 hours of community service during high school. This work must be done without monetary compensation for any non-profit or charitable organization. Community service must be pre-approved by their advisor prior to volunteering. A final Timesheet for Community Involvement worksheet must be completed by the student and signed by the advisor. Completed time sheets should then be placed in the student's portfolio.

    Download file "time_sheet_for_community_involvement.pdf"


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