Class of 2012 Portfolio: 5

    Welcome to the Stanwood High School Class of 2012 wiki.

    Below are the Checklists and various forms that are required for each year of High School in your portfolio.
    Freshman Year
    4 Download file "best_works.pdf"
    Academic Improvement Plan/ SMART Goals
    Final Attendance & Reflection
    Progress & Grade Reports
    HS & Beyond Plan

    Sophomore Year
    4 Download file "best_works.pdf"
    Academic Goal Worksheet
    Extracurricular Activities Worksheet
    Citizen Goal Worksheet
    Academic Inventory
    Banking Worksheet
    Planning a Student Led Conference Worksheet
    Conference Rubric
    Career Industries Worksheet
    High School & Beyond Plan
    Attendance Report

    Junior Year
    Download file "class_of_2012_portfolio_checklist_handout_11.1c-1.pdf"
    4 Download file "best_works.pdf"
    Download file "11.1 My 11th Grade Goals.pdf"
    Download file "11.2A My Top 10 Character Traits.pdf"
    Download file "11.2B Character Traits and Post Secondary Success.pdf"
    Download file "11.3 SAT and ACT Strategies.pdf"
    Download file "11.5 Resume Worksheet.pdf"
    Download file "11.6 Mid Year UPdate.pdf"
    Download file "11.8 Balanced Career and life plan.pdf"
    Download file "11.9 Summer Plan.pdf"
    Download file "11.11 College Application Essay.pdf"
    Download file "11.12B Earning Spending and Saving Plan.pdf"
    Download file "11.13A Cost of Credit.pdf"
    Download file "11.13B Personal Rules for Credit.pdf"
    Download file "11.14B Investing Goals.pdf"
    Download file "11.15A Using Portfolio Assets.pdf"
    Download file "11.15B 11th Grade Achievements.pdf"

    Senior Year
    4 Best Works

    Community Service:

    Students are required to complete at least 15 hours of community service during high school. This work must be done without monetary compensation for any non-profit or charitable organization. Community service must be pre-approved by their advisor prior to volunteering. A final Timesheet for Community Involvement worksheet must be completed by the student and signed by the advisor. Completed timesheets should then be placed in the student's portfolio.

    Download file "time_sheet_for_community_involvement.pdf"


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